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  • REDARC LFP1240LV 40A in vehicle LIFEPO4 battery charger
  • 6M 6B&S Red core and 2M 6B&S Black core cable 
  • Premium Quality after market RK1260 replay kit
  • Green/Red led display gauge 


The REDARC LFP1240-LV is a 12 volt 40 Amp In-Vehicle Battery Charger designed specifically to charge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries to their optimal level, regardless of their size.

The LFP DC charger features a low voltage setting so it will operate in vehicles fitted with ECU-controlled variable voltage alternator.

The DC to DC charger provide a unique two-stage charging profile, ensuring your lithium auxiliary battery is able to achieve 100% charge via power from the vehicle alternator when driving or solar panels when parked. It features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, allowing you to deliver the maximum amount of power from your solar panels to your auxiliary battery even during low light conditions.

With an input from 9 to 16 volts, the lithium charger is suitable for 12 volt vehicles.

Charging Lithium Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate auxiliary batteries are becoming more popular in recreational and industrial applications due to their improved storage capacity relative to size and weight. They are perfect for recreational vehicle power systems. However they require specific charging conditions in order to operate correctly and the battery itself must have cell balancing and an in-built battery management system. REDARC have considered this and designed a charging profile to complement the in-built battery systems.

For a better touring experience with your favourite electronic devices running better and more efficient, the REDARC Lithium DC DC Charger is designed, built and tested in Australia to make sure it won’t let you down.

Input (Operating) Voltage 9 - 16VDC
Output Power 600W
Length (mm) 150
Width (mm) 120
Height (mm) 37
Weight(kg) 0.68
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Maximum Charging Voltage 14.6V
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 40A
Input Current (Max.) 40A
Input Fuse Rating 60A
Output Fuse Rating 60A
Standby Current Draw <100mA
Warranty 2 Years
Type Approval CE

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