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The 100% OZ solar power specialist ANTPAK is proud to offer this brand new premium quality 20W 12V portable solar panel. These panels are sturdy, weather resistant with an anodized aluminium silver frame have passed international testing standards including hail and light absorption. 

12V Solar panels are ideal for recreational, camping or traveling purposes as they supply appropriate power for running appliances such as 12v TV’s, Laptops, lights, fridge etc. or can be used in conjunction with an inverter to supply the majority of your 240v power requirements.

These panels can be also used together to increase the voltage or the output power of your solar system but also be small enough for portability.


  • High efficiency high quality Genuine German CELLS  Solar cells 20W
  • Anodized aluminium silver frame
  • No assemble required, ready to use
  • 5M high quality battery cable with alligator clips
  • 4A REGULATOR(Built-in Resetting fuse)
  • Built-in diode
  • German MONO CELLS (Mono-crystalline solar panels have higher efficiency rate than Poly-crystalline solar panels)
  • Built-in Stand 


  • Model: 20W
  • Pm: 20W
  • Vmp: 17.6V
  • Imp: 1.14A
  • Voc: 21.9V
  • Isc: 1.23A
  • Dimensions: 345x470x25mm
  • Max System Voltage: 1000V
  • STC 1000W/m2, AM 1.5