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Solar Light Kit System - AGM Battery - 10W Panel - 2x bright 3W LED Lights RADIO

. Properties of product

  1. This system is equipped with intelligent control system of microprocessor

And special control algorithm, which is small DC power system designed for

Power supplying of outwork, home use, camping in remote area and power

Shortage region and so on.

  1. The circuit uses a high-performance, high-precision 10-bit ADC MCU as the

Master, with battery overcharge, over discharge, overload and short circuit

Protection with unique electronic anti-reverse protection, low-power standby,

USB output, light output overload protection, charging, discharging separate


  1. This system is pure DC output system, radio, and LED lighting function, two USB

5V output port, six DC 12V output port.

Please download product instruction manual HERE

. Function Characteristics

  1. Using SCM as the master, to achieve a battery charge and discharge of the

Intelligent control, overcharge, over-discharge protection, short circuit

Protection, when the load is overloaded, the system will automatically shut

Down, automatically return to normal after a few seconds, effectively

Extending the battery life, battery over-discharge voltage rise control.

  1. Ultra-low power standby function: When ON / OFF switch is in the OFF state,

The product enters a low power state.

  1. USB Output: When charging mobile phone/MP3/MP4/digital camera, the

Output current reach above 5V500mA.

  1. DC12V OutputWhen DC12V output current exceeds 3A, overload

Protection start, output will automatically shut down.

  1. Charge and discharge independent function: charging, discharging without

Disturbing each other, can realized discharged while charging.

  1. Charge and discharge indicator: monitoring system at any time charge and

Discharge status. When charging, the charging indicator red light, green light

When full; when discharging, work instructions green light, low-voltage

Protection, work instructions red.

  1. Radio: hidden software antenna, according to switch control, simple

Operation, automatic income units feature adjustable volume, you can also

Insert an SD card, U disk music player; FM radio function, FM radio frequency

Range: 87.6 ~ 108MHz.

  1. When this unit solar charger or adapter to charge, turn off the ON / OFF

Switch, don’t turn on any load in order to reduce the charging time.

  1. The product has over-charging and short circuit protection function, when

Over-discharging and under voltage, indicator light turns red.

. Operational approach

1Function indication


  1. Charging operation

1The solar panel (18V) is connected to the input port of the solar

Charging system, charging indicator lights red, indicating that the state of

Charge is connected, when full, charging indicator light green.

2Adapter (15V) input connector into the charging port, red charging

Indicator indicates the charge status of the connection is normal, when full,

Charging indicator light green.

  1. Mobile phones and digital products charging operation

Phone or digital products charging USB line access to the USB connector

On the system box, mobile phone or digital products to enter the state of

Charge, USB interface Output voltage DC 5V, the output current reach above


  1. Output with load

To bring DC12V LED lamp load, insert the load can be inserted into the DC

Range 12V OUTPUT port, when the load current exceeds 3A, the system will

Automatically shut down all output

  1. LED light function

Turn on LED switch, LED will light.

  1. FM/MP3 Operation

1Turn the FM / MP3 switch to "ON" to open the FM / MP3 function, "OFF"

To close.

2As shown in FIG

“Previous”Long press the volume decrease to“0”;


“Next”Long press the volume increase to“50”

④“M" is Radio channel Switcher。


. Specification Parameter




NOTE Specifically configured to prevail ill in kind.


  1. Before using the product, please read the product manual carefully
  2. Do not meet the product specification shall use parts or appliances
  3. Non-professionals cannot be allowed to open the machine for maintenance,

To avoid damage to the product.

  1. Note waterproof storage box must be stored in a dry ventilated place.
  2. When using this system, do not use near fire or under high temperature


  1. Before first use of the system, connect the battery after filling before use,

Built-in overcharge protection charge bad problems do not worry, you can

Charge a long time.

  1. Rain or rainy season please save electricity, turn off the switch when not in


8If not used for long time, charge and discharge the system at least once

Within a month, otherwise Product life will be affected.



Note: system without radio, point 7 in “Function Characteristics” and

Point 6 in “Operational approach “is not applicative, “function

Indication “subject to real system faceplate function.

Type: Camping Products