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This series of "IGN" series chargers are designed to work on a lot of late model vehicles where the ECU now completely or partially controls the output of the vehicles Alternator to a degree where most DC to DC chargers (in simplified terms) "Thinks the vehicle has stopped, because the voltage output has gone so low, below the DC to DC chargers preset minimum", when actually the vehicle has stoped at all!

It is just a case of the driving conditions, the charge status of the start battery and a variety of other factors that the ECU has caused the alternator to charge extremely low, well below what was previously anticipated in a vehicle. This unit is the solution, if you are not sure check with the manufacturers dealer to see if your vehicle has one of these systems.

Multi stage charging styles (Selectable) for best charging of different battery types.
Will operate in up to 80 degree C temperatures (Ideal for under bonnet mounting) + Over temp protection.
Input voltage over and under shutdown.
Reverse connection (polarity protection).
Short circuit protection.
Over current protection.
Led indicator for charging status and battery type selected.

Sealed case suitable for marine and mining applications where dust is a problem.

Model: BCDC1220-IGN
Dimensions: 120mm L x 100mm W x 37mm H
Input Voltage Range: 9V - 32V (Suitable for 12V and 24V systems)
Charging Specs:  
Gel/AGM Batteries 14.5V (max) 13.3V (float
Standard Lead Acid Batteries: 14.9V  (max) 13.3V (float)
Calcium Type Batteries: 15.3V (max) 13.3V (float)
Output Power: 20 Amps (max) 300w (max)

Weight:      1kg

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