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Open Sky Rooftop Tents are self-contained, easy and quick to  erect. If you are the sort of person who enjoys your time off much more if you  have a decent bed to sleep on, then look no further than a rooftop tent. Roof  top tents make for sleep easy camping, as all the bedding - such as pillows,  sleeping bags or doonas - remain inside the tent, freeing up more of that vital  storage space inside your vehicle. Come the time to set camp for the night, all  you have to do is open the tent - as all the gear is already in the tent,  nothing further is required. The next morning it's a simple operation to fold  the tent, slip on the cover and drive away.

Package content:

  • High Quality 'Rip-Stop'  Canvas Roof top tent X 1

  • Quality thick mattress with cover X 1

  • Heavy duty round pole telescopic aluminum ladder  X 1

  • Enclosed with a zip operated, heavy duty cover  X 1

  • Extra  protection cover on top of tent X 1

  • All  stainless steel installation accessories with tools  (Spring steel hoop, mount brackets  and screws etc )


  • 4  Walls Zip operated annex with front opening X1--- $129.95

  • 4  Walls Zip operated mosquito with front opening x1 --$109.95

Package content:

  • Made of High Quality 'Rip-Stop' Canvas that is water proof, rot and mould resistant. This  material will hold its shape and ensure years of trouble free use

  • Flysheet. All  tents come with an integral flysheet which is raised above the tent on   aluminum bows. Due to the insulating cushion of air between the tent and  the flysheet, these tents remain a lot cooler in the hot sun and  condensation, especially during those very cold nights, is all but  eliminated.

  • The base of  each tent is constructed from an  aluminum frame with an aluminum clad  insulated base. High quality stainless steel hinges ensure years of trouble  free operation. The base plates of the tents are equipped with a tongue and  groove to provide extra strength and rigidity.

  • Window awningsThere is one on each side, providing protection from sunlight  as  well as protection from adverse weather.

  • Openings. At each end of the tent is a large access opening. 

  • Ladder. A telescopic aluminum ladder

  • Cover.  The tent is enclosed with a zip operated, heavy duty cover.

  • Spring steel stays to tension the flysheet and window awnings are easy to  insert into grommets in the base of the tent

  • Ventilation vents in the top of the tent are fully insect screened.

  • Four internal storage pockets.

  • Each tent comes equipped with an internal bungee system to facilitate the closing of tent.

  • Equipped with a Universal Mounting System. This facilitates the easy mounting of the tent to  your roof bars or roof rack and also allows for the tent to be opened to the  rear, side or in some cases even to the front of the vehicle.

  • Heavy Duty waterproof travel cover 1000D UV stabilized
  • 100% Waterproof, UV RATED material
  • Color  of fabric: khaki
  • Travel Color: Grey
  • size:245(L)  x 145(W) x 135(H) cms (open)

Type: 4x4 Gear