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The First Ever 800W Pure Sine Wave Portable Battery Box from ANTENERGY


ANTPAK BP-800 ULTIMATE Bonus PACK includes

  • 1 X ANTPAK BP-800 Portable Battery Box
  • 1 X 10AMP DC-DC in car cig- socket smart battery charger
  •  800W Built in Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 20A Solar Regulator Charging Point
  • 1 X ANTPAK quick release mounting bracket kit
  • Battery box Internal Dimension: approx 330(L) x 200(W) x 250mm(H)
  • Battery Box External Dimension: approx 400(L) x 250(W) x 315mm(H)

Key Features:

  • Introduction Offer Ultimate Kit New 2017 ANTPAK BP-800 model
  • A build-in 800W pure sine wave inverter
  • On/Off Master Switch to prevent battery power loss
  • 10AMP DC-DC charger via cig-ligher
  • 20A Dual Battery Management System Ready (Charging via main battery alternator directly )with solar,built-in isolator
  • Free quick release mounting bracket kit
  • Jump start battery via big currant terminals
  • DC loads: 2x2.4A USB Charger,
  • 2x Cigarette Socket
  • 1x Merit socket,
  • 1 x Engle socket,
  • 1 x Anderson Plug
  • Built in solar regulator
  • Suits batteries up to 130AH**
  • If you have existing isolator or battery management system, please plug in Anderson Plug

Whether you need portable power on the work site or a second battery to run the fridge, ANTPAK battery box is the perfect solution. The ANTPAK BP-800 provides 12V power, can be used as a 12V battery charger, battery management system, and a dual-battery system all in one. Enjoy portable power anywhere & anytime with our newest technology ANTPAK BP-800 Powered Battery Box.

If you’ve got someone in the family who simply won’t leave home without their slice of technology, a built-in 800W pure sine wave inverter provides 240V power without the need to run an external inverter or additional cabling. Power is delivered through the 240V mains socket, 2x 12V cigar lighter ports,1x Merit socket, 1xEngle socket, 2x2.4A 5V USB ports, external high-current terminals or via the 50A Anderson plug, all of which can be used simultaneously.

The ANTPAK BP-800 is compatible with all 4WD batteries, including lead acid, calcium, gel and AGM of up to 130Ah in size. For those wishing to relocate their battery or even run a second battery, in four wheel drives or caravans for example, the ANTPAK DC20 12V Battery Box with massive external terminals provides a very simple and safe solution for batteries that are not in their original location. The battery can stay contained in the sealed plastic container even when it is required to be disconnected; not only are external terminals supplied on the box for easy connection. Additionally, all DC socket provides yet another power supply for within the vehicle. Don’t forget 2x 2.4A 5V USB Power Sockets, just plug in two iPad or tablets to charge same time.

Thanks to the 50A automatic reset circuit breaker, that protects the accessory and merit sockets, you can charge your sensitive items like mobile phones and laptops without any problems. 

For more information about ANTPAK BP-300, please check from ANTENERGY website here

Technical Information

Technical Information

Model name


Maximum Solar panel Capacity

≤300W solar panel with 18V(carrying idler 21.5V)

Pure sine inverter


Output voltage

DC output

12V power*2PCS, max output current:20A;12V cigar lighter*2PCS,max output current:20A;

12V power*2PCS+12V lighter*2PCS4PCS total max current is 20A);

USB 5V*2PCS, max output current:2.5A;

50A Anderson plug*1PC,max output current:12V/50A

AC output

AC240V*1PC,max output power:300W;

Internal battery

60AH-MAX130AH, lead acid battery

Charge time

Depends on the charge method

Discharge time

Depends on the power of loads

Rated charging current


Rated discharge current


System voltage


Wastage of carrying idler


Over-voltage protect


Charging voltage


Voltage of under voltage


Over discharge voltage




Over-load、short protect

10ms respond

protection circuit:

Over-load、short protect


12 Months

***battery box specs according to actual model.

Technical Specs of DBMP

DBMP Specifications:

Input Voltage


Charging System Suitable for

20 Amps

Cut In Voltage

13.2 VDC

Cut Out Voltage

12.8 VDC


DPMP Features:

  • The ANTPAK DPMP is a 12 Volts 20 Amp in-vehicle DC to DC charger designed for keep your auxiliary battery charged whilst driving or with portable solar panels when you are parked.  
  • The system charges your auxiliary battery to their optimum levels, using multi-stage DC DC charging.
  • The ANTPAK DPMP also features a DC to DC solar regulator, allowing you to deliver the maximum amount of power from your solar panels to your auxiliary battery.
  • With multiple levels of fault protection. The smart charger will act as a dual battery isolator, should the voltage get too low, the start battery will be protected.
  • Charges AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA and Standard Lead Acid batteries
  • The smart charger will act as a dual battery isolator, should the voltage get too low, the start battery will be protected.

Frequently Asked Questions


What batteries can be used?

The ANTPAK can charge most types of rechargeable 12V lead-acid type battery from 60 Ahr capacity up to 140Ahr. There are four main types of 12V lead acid battery - conventional wet lead-acid battery, calcium, AGM and gel. The ANTPAK can charge both cold cranking type car batteries and deep cycle batteries.

How do I charge?

Please refer to content ‘Getting Charged’ on page 9.

Is it waterproof?

No, care should be taken to shield it from direct sunlight and the elements.

How do I know if the battery is fully charged?

The Battery Level Icon is solid and not flashing, battery will is fully charged.

Can I leave the ANTPAK continually plugged in?

Yes, the ANTPAK will keep on float cycle. Usage is plug-and-play. The built-in battery management system prevents over-charging and over-discharging of batteries. The USB output will only supply the amount of power needed.

Type: Chargers, Inverters & Power Packs