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Brand NEW High Quality NEO SOLAR PWOER 4BB MONO solar Cells 240W Single Solar Panel for Camper / Caravan / Boat

All our NEO SOLAR POWER Cells Solar Panels are 25 Years Limited Output Guarantee


The 100% OZ solar power specialist ANTENERGY is proud to offer this brand new premium quality NEO SOLAR POWER 4BB MONO solar cells 240W (240W X 1) 18V single solar panel. ANTENERGY always make sure that the quality of our products is high. That's why they selected NEO SOLAR POWER as a supplier of solar cells for the solar panels used in this charging kit. NEO SOLAR POWER solar cells have excellent performance characteristics even in low light conditions (good output even without direct sunlight!) and higher efficiency (approx 19% compare with other solar panels are only 13% on the market) and reliability compared to many other solar cells. 



  • NEO SOLAR POWER exclusive 4 busbar high-efficiency mono-crystalline Solar Cells
  • Highest Efficiency of nearly 20% which is higher than any commercially available panel of similar size.
  • More Power than other cheap model on the market, NEO SOLAR POWER 240W delivers up to 50% more power per unit area than conventional solar panels.
  • Low wind resistance design
  • Attractive, stable & heavy duty anodized aluminum frames
  • Low iron tempered refraction glass
  • Panels built with standard junction box which is Pre-cabled with fast-connecting systems
  • Reduced Installation Cost & More power per panel means fewer panels per install. This saves both time and money.
  • The backside frames are equipped with drainage holes. So we eliminate the risk that rain or snow water may accumulate in the frame lumen and freeze or even bend the frame in cold season
  • Customer-desired packing to minimize damage during transit.
  • Australian C-tick approval N30428
  • Certified with CE
  • Meeting the Highest International Standards: ISO9001 and ISO 14001


  • Product Dimension: (L x W x H) 1335 x 986 x 30mm approx
  • Model: AEMFS2-B240
  • Mono or Poly: High quality 4BB Mono-Crystalline
  • Power: 240Wp (1 x 240Wp)
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 17.56V
  • Maximum Power Current (Imp): 13.66A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.96V
  • Short Circuit Current (lsc): 11.38A
  • Module Efficiency: 19% approx
  • Production Tolerance (+-): 5%
  • Maximum System Voltage: 700VCD
  • Temp. Coeff of Isc (TK Isc): 0.058%/C
  • Temp. Coeff of Voc (TK Voc): -3.76%/C
  • Temp. Coeff. of Pmax (TK Pmax): -0.503%/C
  • Normal Operating Cell Temperature: 44.4 +-2%/C
  • Frame (Material, Corners,etc): Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminium
  • Length of Cable: 100mm
  • Temperature Range: -40C ~ +85C
  • Surface Maximum Load Capacity: 60m/s (200kg/sq/m)
  • Allowable Hail Load: Steel Ball Falls Down from 1M Height
  • Standard Test Condition: AM1.5 1000W/m2 25 C
  • Package Dimension (L x W x H): 1350 x 550 x 35mm approx
  • Package Weight: 15kg approx

Type: Solar Panels

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